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VTS Office notification forms

Please use these forms to notify the VTS Office.

1) Sickness notification.

If you need time off sick, there are 2 aspects you need to think about:
1.Your employment: Contact your workplace immediately to let them know. Send sick notes to the correct admin department in your employing organisation – if you don’t, you may not get paid on time.
2.Your education: Absence of more than two weeks for any kind of leave in addition to study and annual leave, must be made up with additional training time at the end of your training programme. You must notify the VTS office by completing the online sickness notification form below -
Click here to complete the online sickness notification form for the VTS office

Notice Board

Patient satisfaction questionnaires

You need at least 40 questionnaires for your PSQ. Allowing for spoiling, colelct at least 50. You must not handle the forms once completed so either get your surgery PM or Trainer to colate them and get them to drop them off or post off to the VTS office. YOU MUST NOT DROP THEM OFF YOURSELF. I have produced a one page word sheet for you to use for the PSQ in order to hand out to patients. Click here to download the single page PSG sheet.
For more information on the PSQ, click here

E-portfolio and OOH requirements

You need to ensure you complete the following to enable good progress through your training
1) Log entries e-portfolio - a minimum of 2 per week (one of which should be a clinical encounter). There should be at least 1 SEA every 6 months. The entries should be reflective. Other entries should include a refelctive entry relating ot the post you have just left and reflections on how the post went.
2) PDP entries e-portfolio - 1 per 4 weeks. This can include PDP entires generated through the ESR.
3) OOH for CCT requirements - 6 hours per 4 weeks
added July 2013


The optimal time for GPRs to sit their AKT and CSA is towards the end of their planned training programme. However, they should not take these exams so late in their planned training programme that they do not have an opportunity to re-sit the exam before the end of their planned training programme, should they fail at their first attempt. Should they only take the AKT/CSA once during their planned training and fail, it might be difficult to justify an extension to training.

If  there are exceptional circumstances where the GPR is going to be unable to re-sit the AKT/CSA  during  their  planned  training,  then  it  is  important  that  the GPR  discusses  their situation with their educators and then the GP Dean or Deputy. For all trainees it is vital that timing of taking the AKT and CSA is discussed at the time of educational supervisor reviews and also plans documented in the PDP. added July 2013

GMC – notification of convictions, etc.

Please can everyone be aware of those issues which any doctor should notify the GMC of. Such issues include all criminal convictions or cautions in the UK (or elsewhere for an offence which would be a criminal offence if committed in the UK). It is much better to be proactive about this, as it demonstrates awareness of probity and fitness to practise. For further information please click here added July 2013

CRB checks

There will be a charge payable by the trainee for the equivalent of the current CRB check - now undertaken by DBS (Disclosure and Barring Service). For more information, click here

This is a professional expense that GPRs will have to pay for and will not be reimbursed by the LETB. It will be allowed against Income Tax payment.

Program Directors and Scheme Administrators

Dr Phil Rayner Dr Nigel Cartwright
Dr Debbie Hapgood Dr Jenny Redferne
  Jane Turner
Jacki Scott Mechelle

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